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When you need to demolish a structure or clean one up – house, hospital, bridge, barn, parking lot, power plant – contact Mazza Demolition and Recycling for professional and responsible demolition, clean-up, and recycling. Our services include: 

  • Building demolition
  • Dumpster and roll-off container rentals
  • Wrecking services
  • Water tower dismantling
  • Dredging services
  • Building razing
  • Waste management
  • Recycling 
    • Scrap metal
      • Iron
      • Steel
      • Aluminum
      • Brass
      • Light Iron 
      • Copper 
      • Batteries 
      • Copper/Aluminum Fins 
      • Stainless Steel 
      • Motors
  • Concrete
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Tires
    • Cars
    • Trucks 
    • Buses 
  • Wood

Wondering what happens to recycled materials?

  • Concrete can be recycled and used in building foundation, roadway pavement, underground utility installation. Such recycled product can be used by landscapers for soil stabilization plus in construction of retaining walls, waterfalls, and other hardscapes.
  • Recycled paper and cardboard can become new paper products. Mazza recycles paper and cardboard and then sells it to paper mills. With forests being decimated at the rate of 100 acres per minute, and the average growth period of a tree being 15 to 20 years (and 10 ten minutes to cut it down), we feel it is imperative to recycle (and criminal not to do so!)
  • We recycle scrap metals according to all state metal recycling laws. This recycled product can be used in canning, building, insulation, and other industrial applications. 
  • The team at Mazza recycles concrete, concrete block, cinder block, stone, brick, porcelain, and tile ceramic. The material is recycled into a crushed concrete blend (also known as R Blend or DGA) which we also sell for building, paving, and other uses. 
  • Our Class B Recycling Center accepts tires from trucks, cars, and industrial and construction equipment. The tires are shredded utilizing a Barclay Shredder and the materials shipped to other facilities for further processing.

Demolition projects we have completed include:

  • Campbell Soup Plant in Camden, NJ, in 1991 
  • The Magnasite Plant in Cape May, NJ, in 1992 
  • Incinerator demolition for the city of Ramapo, NJ, in 1995 
  • Buildings 294 and 296 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY, in 2001 
  • 14 bridge and pier abutments at the Secaucus Rail Transfer Station, NJ, in 2002 
  • 70 buildings in the Beachfront Redevelopment Project in Long Branch, NJ, in 2002 
  • Over 40 houses for the city of Long Branch, NJ, from 2004 through 2005 
  • Six-story Ambassador Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ, in 2005 
  • Buildings 827, 739, 740, 404, 405, and 408 at Dover Air Force Base, DE, in 2004 
  • The Summerfield Elementary School in Neptune, NJ, in 2006 
  • Buildings 406, 407, and 409 at Dover Air Force Base, DE, in 2007 
  • 200 foot water tower at the Iron Mountain Facility in Freehold, NJ, in 2007 
  • 230,000 square foot Bellcore Building in Piscataway, NJ, in 2008 
  • Demolition of two city blocks for Department of Transportation, Lodi, NJ, in 2009 
  • Seven-story Charms Building & Baronet Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ, in 2010

Mazza Demolition & Recycling • 3230 Shafto Road • Tinton Falls, NJ 07753 • sales@mazzademo.com • Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm • Sat 7am – 1pm